Digitisation Services - Cine Film, Video, 35mm Slides, Negatives and Camcorder Cassettes

Why digitise?
If you have old cine films or videos of family weddings, holidays, sporting events or other activities, then you might be thinking of preserving these precious memories by transferring them into digital format.

Recently, I have digitised six collections of cine films and videos for friends and customers, who can now watch their old films and videos on their computers, TVs, iPads, mobile phones, tablets, etc, as well as sharing them with relatives and friends across the world.

What digitisation services do I offer?
I can transfer the following media into digital format:

Regarding video transfer, I also hope that I will soon be able to offer a service to transfer BETAMAX into digital format.

Not technical? Don't worry, I can guide you through all of the technical aspects and explain the costs involved in advance.

Discount is available on orders over £150.

To see my price guide for these services, follow this link.

To get a quote, contact me at millargrant@hotmail.com.

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