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How to Shop Online at the Sage WebShop  
Why should I log in? You don't have to log in, but logging in with your Sage Account Number and Postcode means:  

You can see discounted prices online and find out which discounts are available to you (e.g. SageCover members automatically qualify for a number of discounts on various products).
You save time when purchasing products and services, as you don't have to enter your contact details.
How do I use the Sage WebShop? Just follow these easy steps for buying Sage products online.
What type of product do you want? Click a category of business solution or service in the WebShop's Main Menu (left side of the page).

Which Sage products in the category suit your needs? Click the 'More Info' hyperlink underneath the product name to access comprehensive product information.
Ready to buy? Click the 'BUY NOW' button next to the product name, and check the product description and price before clicking the basket icon to add it to your shopping basket.

How do I know if I have added an item to my shopping basket? You will be shown the updated contents of your basket every time you add a new item.
So I just take my shopping basket to the checkout? Yes, it's as simple as that. All you have to do is enter your contact details in our simple online forms and confirm that your shopping basket contains your chosen products. You can add or remove products at any stage.

How do I pay? You can choose either to have the invoice sent to you or pay by credit card.
What about online security? Don't worry! All private details sent to the Sage WebShop are fully secure and treated in a highly confidential manner.
When will I know that the transaction is complete? The entire ordering process only takes a minute or so and no payment is made until you click 'Send Order' at the end of the ordering process.


Sage Shop can accept orders from customers in mainland UK only. Customers outside mainland UK please e-mail