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Comprehensive tutorial for Instant Accounting users

'Instant Accounting Made Easy' is a 6-hour, CD-ROM-based tutorial specifically designed for users of the Sage Instant Accounting program. Logically divided into three sections, this hands-on tutorial is both an excellent workplace-based introduction for beginners and also a valuable reference tool for more experienced users.

The 3 sections covered are:

  1. Finding Your Way Around Sage (1.5 hours)
  2. Introducing Basic Bookkeeping (1 hour)
  3. Working with Sage Instant Accounting (3.5 hours)

Module one combines an overview of the Microsoft® Windows® environment with how to use the Sage Instant Accounting program. Following this introduction to navigating the interface and using the menu and toolbar effectively, module two deals with the basics of bookkeeping. It is in this module that, through the practical use of a case study example, you will be introduced to basic accounting terminology and theory.

After completing the first two modules, module three provides detailed insight into the workings of Sage Instant Accounting. Carefully building on the case study example introduced in module two, module three is the perfect platform for those who wish to learn more about Sage Instant Accounting.

yes Split into three modules to help you learn as and when you have time.   yes Includes a troubleshooting FAQ section to help overcome problems quickly and easily
yes Offers practical, hands-on training in the familiar surroundings of your own workplace   yes Offers various levels of learning to match your company's needs
yes Uses a case study example to give you the feel of 'real' work situations   yes Provides the perfect bridge to attending a more detailed Sage training course
yes Provides new employees with a good understanding of Sage Instant Accounting   yes Doubles up as an excellent reference for experienced users of Sage Instant Accounting


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