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Publication of the Month - Lux's Nanotechnology Report 2004

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Welcome to the March edition of MyAZoNano, your customised free monthly newsletter from that brings to your inbox, the latest news, events and technical information on the nanotechnology subjects that interest you.

My AZoNano March Sponsor - Veneto Nanotech

My AZoNano March Sponsor - Veneto NanotechVeneto Nanotech is a cluster of research institutions, innovative companies, and private and public investors, who are working to foster entrepreneurship in nanotechnology. Based in Veneto, NE Italy, the organisation is centred around the local universities - Padua, Venice and Verona - and their research departments, which specialise in applying nanotechnology techniques to materials.

The first research projects performed by Veneto Nanotech will take place at its Nanofabrication Facility (NFF). To begin with, the NFF is hosting research projects in:

  • Nanostructures for chemical and biochemical sensors,
  • Deposition of layers with high tribological properties,
  • Nanostructured materials for protective and decorative coatings,
  • Deposition of nanometric thin films and thick coatings of inorganic, organic or hybrid nanocomposites,
  • Construction of microarrays for genomics and proteomics research.

As the centre also offers International Master in Nanotechnology (IMN) courses to students, it’s clear that Veneto Nanotech has the right people, creative mix of industry/academia and resources required to make it a leading player in the nanotechnology field.

For more details e-mail

MyAZoNano – Changes to MyAZoNano

In order to better serve our audience, we have introduced two new content categories to help provide more accurately tailored content to MyAZoNano subscribers. These are:

  1. Analysis and Testing – For those interested in characterization, measurement, microscopy etc of nanomaterials.
  2. Processing Technologies – Includes any content uploaded that focuses on nanofabrication techniques and processes used to synthesise or create nanomaterials.

If you would like to change/add the content categories you are currently subscribed to, so as to include these or any other existing categories, simply go the MyAZoNano subscription page and re-subscribe. Remember, you can select up to three categories, by holding down the “Ctrl” key and clicking on the on your desired categories.

MyAZoNano is a free monthly newsletter that is designed to keep you informed of the latest development in nanotechnology. Help your colleagues stay informed by letting them know about MyAZoNano, or simply forward them this newsletter so that they can subscribe.

Nanotechnology Competition - The International NanoChallenge

Nanotechnology Competition - the International NanoChallenge

NanoChallenge is an international business plan competition organised by the nanotechnology cluster, Veneto Nanotech. The competition aims to offer people the chance to start their own nanotechnology company.

But it’s not just about testing people’s ability to draw up a business plan, since the €300,000 grand prize gives the winning team the money, resources and opportunity to launch their own nanotechnology business. On top of having your first year expenses paid for, your company will benefit from being located in the leading-edge nanotechnology atmosphere of Veneto Nanotech, in NE Italy.

The winning team receives:

  • €200,000 (cash) investment from Veneto Nanotech,
  • 1 year free incubator services,
  • 1 year free access to the Nano Fabrication Facility laboratory,
  • 1 year free accommodation for two people,
  • 1 year in-kind consulting services (IP policy, law, etc).

The competition is open to anyone who has a nanotechnology business idea, and you must register your entry for the competition by 31 May 2005.

To register for and find out more about this competition visit NanoChallenge.

Publication of the Month - Lux’s Nanotechnology Report 2004

The Nanotechnology Report 2004 - Lux Research

The Nanotech Report 2004 Table of Contents (PDF)

Lux Research is proud to present The Nanotechnology Report 2004 (PDF). TNR 2004 (PDF) is the premier research guide for nanotechnology, profiling more than 1,000 companies and featuring new investment frameworks and strategies. The report also includes academic profiles, information about patent licensing opportunities and trends, competitive data, interviews with Nobel laureates and industry experts, and profiles of the most influential players in nanotechnology, including a technical primer.

 TNR 2004 also:

  • Forecasts the impact of nanotechnology on the chemical, textile, computing, transportation, energy, healthcare, and homeland security industries,
  • Provides a nanotechnology roadmap,
  • Identifies the potential winners and losers in the emerging nanotechnology industry,
  • Explores the research initiatives at leading government laboratories,
  • Presents compelling interviews of academic researchers at the forefront of nanotechnology,
  • Ranks the most influential people in the field,
  • Highlights venture capital and worldwide government funding trends,
  • Identifies the top private nanotechnology companies most likely to IPO.

To find out more about the report, visit Lux Research.

Featured Event - NSTI Nanotech 2005

Nanotech 2005 - NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show

Nanotech 2005 - NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show

The 8th annual NSTI Nanotech 2005 is the premier nanotechnology conference and trade show in the US. It will take place from May 8 to 12, at the Anaheim Marriott in California.

As the largest and most comprehensive nanotechnology event in the US , Nanotech 2005 will host over 2500 attendees, 600 business & research presentations and 130 exhibiting companies. Over 50 early stage nanotech companies will be selected to present within the Nanotech 2005 Early Stage Company and Investment Review. With endorsements from top US and European societies, research agencies and fortune 500 companies, The Nanotech 2005 Scientific Program is the most respected nano event in the US.

The comprehensive program will cater for all aspects of nanotechnology and will also incorporate a special symposium on cancer treatment and prevention. Topics including, but certainly not restricted to health sciences, transport, energy, coatings, electronics and optics will be covered.

For more information visit the NSTI Nanotech 2005 website.

Website Statistics for AZoNano

The audience for the AZoNano website has now increased to over 95,000 visitors, making the site one of the leading Nanotech destinations on the web.

This increase in visitor numbers is most likely linked to the rise in the number of knowledge base articles and news stories that are being constantly uploaded to the site, plus the site’s strong emphasis on publishing original content.

With new companies listing on the website on a frequent basis in order to take advantage of the far-reaching exposure that AZoNano offers, we would be delighted to discuss the promotion of your business and what AZoNano can offer, please contact Rolf Easto.

AZoNano News Service

AZoNano publishes the latest nanotechnology news on a daily basis. These news stories, along with the rest of the site are free to view. The latest headlines are posted on the AZoNano news page.

For those with company press releases, AZoNano is the ideal way to distribute your news. As an approved Google news source, Google continually harvests news items from AZoNano and further distributes news items across the internet in a rapid fashion.

Send your press releases to and let us demonstrate how quickly we can circulate them.


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The following articles were found based on your selections

Overview of the Major Themes in Microgravity Research Used for Advancing Nanotechnology
Experiments performed in microgravity are helping researchers to advance knowledge about nanotechnology. This work is aimed at improving techniques in the gas phase synthesis of nanopowders and particles, formation of nanoemulsions, thermal transportation, self-organisation and analytical devices.

What is Nanotechnology and What Can It Do?
This guide explains the basic principles of nanotechnology, looking at such matters as industrial applications, new and future products, the global market, environmental potentials and concerns, types of nano-manufacturing, what's going on in the developing world and the outlook for the future.

Researchers Assess the Evolution of Quantum Dot Imaging and Reveal its Potential in Cancer Diagnosis
A mixed discipline research team from UCLA and Stanford University has released its findings on how using the nanocrystals known as quantum dots (qdots) in molecular medical imaging can help us better understand cell processes, thus improving cancer diagnosis and treatment. Posted 2 February 2005

What is Nanotechnology and What Can It Do?
This guide explains the basic principles of nanotechnology, looking at such matters as industrial applications, new and future products, the global market, environmental potentials and concerns, types of nano-manufacturing, what's going on in the developing world and the outlook for the future.

What is Nanotechnology and What Can It Do?
This guide explains the basic principles of nanotechnology, looking at such matters as industrial applications, new and future products, the global market, environmental potentials and concerns, types of nano-manufacturing, what's going on in the developing world and the outlook for the future.

Carbon Nanotube Manufacturing on a Commercial Scale - Ready for Mass-Markets
This article looks at the manufacturing process for carbon nanotubes and also considers their composition, classification and properties. Also discussed are commercial applications for nanotubes, market-place restrictions and the problems encountered when setting up the UK's first production plant.

Rapid Progress Reported in Emerging Field of Molecular Electronics - News Item
A recent study indicates that the emerging field of molecular electronics using nanoscale molecules as key components in computers and other electronic devices is in excellent health and has a bright future. Progress in the field is outlined. Posted 16 December 2004.

Nanometrics Launches Latest Version of the Orion High-Throughput Overlay Control System - News Item
The US metrology firm, Nanometrics, has released the newest version of its Orion Advanced Overlay Control System. The Orion is an advanced overlay metrology and analysis system for monitoring microlithography stepper performance, and is used in the semiconductor industry. Posted 1 February 2005.

Nanostructured and Nanocrystalline Metals, Metal Matrix Composites and Ceramics - Space Applications
Metal and ceramic matrix composites hold extreme potential for advanced applications such as aerospace. Nanostructuring could further improve material properties. The benefits of nanostructuring are outlined, as are other potential applications and processing issues.

Carbon Nanotubes - Processing Methods and Potential Applications in Space
Due to their unique properties, carbon nanotubes can be used for many space industry applications, such as sensors, thermal control, spacecraft, electronics and biomedicine. Also looked at here are various processing technologies for carbon nanotubes, production problems and cost considerations.

Batteries, Capacitors and Supercapacitors - Methods Used for Improvement and Space Applications
Nanomaterials and nanotechnology techniques are being used to improve the power density of batteries. Such improvements using thin films, deposition and thermal spray processes, carbon aerogels, carbon nanotubes and spinel structures are considered here, with special focus on space applications.

Scientists Invent Digital Memory Device Using Commodity Plastics Transformed by Nanotechnology
UCLA scientists have developed and built a plastic, non-volatile memory device using solution processing. This new device is made by combining gold nanoparticles with polysterene, and has great potential for the manufacture of low-cost, high-density memory storage products. Posted 8 December 2004.

Joint Project to Study Nanoparticulate Layer Technology for Improved Efficiency in Display Devices
Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) and ILFORD Imaging have combined forces for a project that will examine how using nanoparticulate layers, polymer light emitting diode (PLED) displays and nanopores, might help to improve the 'optical efficiency' of display devices. Posted 7 February 2005.